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Chicken recipe in sauce with potatoes

Chicken recipe in sauce with potatoes receta de entrecot con salsa de champinones 3

Receta de pollo en salsa con patatas  Chicken recipe in sauce with potatoes pollo en salsa con patatas

Preparing a chicken in sauce with potatoes you will never fail when serving a main course for your guests. The mixture of the ingredients results in a sauce that is unified with the flavor of the chicken, obtaining a very rich dish. Ready to prepare?


  • 1.5 kg. of chopped chicken
  •      1 carrot
  •      1 onion
  •      3 garlic cloves
  •      2 ripe tomatoes
  •      1 handful of peas
  •      1 tablet of chicken broth
  •      4 medium potatoes
  •      1 glass of white wine
  •      4 tablespoons of olive oil
  •      1 branch of thyme
  •      1 tablespoon cornstarch
  •      Salt
  •      Pepper
  •      Virgin olive oil
  •      Water

Preparation of chicken in sauce with potatoes

1-To prepare a delicious chicken in sauce with potatoes, first sprinkle the pieces and brown them in a pan with a stream of olive oil. If you do not remove the skin the chicken will be juicier, but you can not leave it if you want.

2-Brown the chicken in a pan with a splash of olive oil over medium heat. When it is ready we take it out and reserve it.

3-In the same oil we poached finely cut onion and garlic. At half-cooked, add the carrot so that it is done with the rest of the vegetables. Cut it to small pieces.

4-When they are poached, we incorporate the crushed tomato and the chicken broth pill. When it is lightly fried, we put the glass of white wine and let the alcohol evaporate.

5-Then add a tablespoon of cornstarch, stir well and move to a pot or casserole with chicken to cook it.

6-We add a branch of thyme and cover with water. Let it cook on medium heat for about an hour and then add the potatoes to wedges and the handful of peas.

7-Again let stew about 20 minutes until the potatoes are tender. We rectify salt and extinguish the fire.

8- Let stand and serve. Take advantage!