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chocolate donuts

chocolate donuts receta de entrecot con salsa de champinones 12

chocolate donuts receta de entrecot con salsa de champinones 12 500x334

To make tea time an exquisite moment to share, these chocolate donuts are ideal.

It is an option that serves as a good culinary gift to take home to friends and family, surprising with a flavor that charms everyone thanks to the potential of chocolate, that ingredient that makes any preparation already sounds fascinating.

Production time | 60 minutes
Difficulty | Medium
Servings | 20


  • 4 cups of chocolate in pieces
  • 3 tablespoons of yeast
  •     6 tablespoons of butter
  •     3 egg units
  •     1/2 cup of sugar
  •     1 1/2 cups of milk
  •     3 cups of sifted wheat flour
  •     1/2 liter of edible oil
  •     white chocolate sparks (to decorate)
  •     Sparks of milk chocolate (to decorate)
  •     1 cup cocoa powder

How to prepare chocolate donuts

1-Crumble the yeast, form a hole in the center with 1/4 of sugar, 1/2 cup of cocoa powder, 1 cup of flour and put the yeast in the center.

2-Add 3/4 cup of warm milk so that the yeast dissolves.

3-Incorporate the flour little by little and add 3 tablespoons of butter until you have a homogeneous mixture.

4-Pass the dough to a metal container and cover with a damp cloth, let stand for 30 min.

5-Mix the rest of the flour, cocoa powder, eggs, butter, milk and sugar.

6-When you increase the volume of the dough that was left at rest, mix with the other. Leave in a metal container and stand for an hour or until doubled in size, cover with a damp cloth.

7-Knead and using a roller. Spread the dough to a thickness of 2 or 3 cm. Cut in the form of a donut, a large circle and a smaller one in the center.

8-Place the donuts in a tray and let stand for 30 min or until they double their volume.

9-Fry the donuts in very hot oil and pass to a plate with kitchen paper to drain excess fat.

10-Allow to cool for 5 min and melt the chocolate in a water bath.

11-Submerge each donut from the front in the melted chocolate, decorate with the white chocolate and milk sparkles.