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Grilled Entrecote Recipe

Grilled Entrecote Recipe receta de entrecot a la plancha

Grilled Entrecote Recipe  Grilled Entrecote Recipe receta de entrecot a la plancha

Grilled Entrecote Recipe

Few people resist the juicy flavor of a grilled entrecote , but how to make the meat look perfect and not dry out or pass cooking? If you have asked yourself this question today you will find the answer. And is that to cook a good steak just follow the letter a few tricks and be very attentive to the cooking time. We tried? Let’s go there!

At we are lovers of juicy and tasty veal and we love to accompany it with different sauce and dressings like this cheese sauce or the famous pepper sauce.  Do you dare to try them?

Prepare everything you need for this recipe and learn to prepare the best grilled entrecote, you will have luxury, you’ll see.


  • 4 grilled entrecots of 300 gr each
  • Olive oil
  • Coarse salt

Preparation of grilled entrecote

  1. In order for the grilled entrecote to remain at its point, it is necessary that the meat be at room temperature at the time of cooking. For this reason we recommend that if it is frozen or in the refrigerator, take it out of the refrigerator a few hours before preparing it.
  2. Ideally, cook the entrecôte on a griddle or non-stick pan to prevent the meat from drying too much or sticking. Moisten the griddle with a little olive oil and heat with the fire to maximum temperature.
  3. If the entrecote has a generous edge of fat, it will not be necessary to use olive oil, simply rub the plate with the fat of the meat and heat equally at very high heat.
  4. When the iron is hot, but not too hot, place the pieces in the entrecots. The cooking will depend on the taste of each person and the thickness of the piece. If you want it juicy inside, cook 5 minutes on each side over high heat.
  5. If you like the meat in its point or well cooked, cook 5 minutes on each side at high heat and when you love faces are sealed, lower the heat and let the meat cook 5 minutes more at medium temperature.
  6. You should salt the meat by sprinkling a little coarse salt over it after turning the steak. There are those who leave before putting the meat on the grill, but if you do it during cooking you will ensure that the meat is more tasty to you.
  7. The grilled entrecôte should be turned once only so that it does not dry too much, therefore, when you have cooked both sides it will be ready.
  8. Let the preparation rest for 2 minutes so that all the juices are concentrated and then serve and enjoy.