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Receta de cigalas salteadas con ajos tiernos

Receta de cigalas salteadas con ajos tiernos  Receta de cigalas salteadas con ajos tiernos Cigalas salteadas con ajos tiernos 640x424


These sauteed crayfish with tender garlic that we propose today are very easy and quick to prepare, they are also low in fat and contain few calories. If you are on a diet you can eat them but you should not do them in sauce or with a lot of oil, so this recipe is going to come great.

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  • 1 kg. of large scampi
  • 1 bunch of young garlic
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • ¼ cup of olive oil
  • Black pepper
  • A pinch of coarse salt

Preparation of sauteed crayfish with tender garlic

1-Before starting, you should clean the crawfish with water, cut off the legs and whiskers with a pair of scissors. Drain and reserve.

2-Then, wash the young garlic well, drain and cut in julienne. Take the two cloves of garlic and give them a blow with the knife, but do not peel them. Add the olive oil in a pan and when hot add the garlic.

3-Sauté them over medium heat and when they are golden, add the crayfish. Salpimienta and cook for two minutes on each side, it will be enough for you to stay juicy and not dry. Try not to burn the garlic, as this can alter the taste of the dish completely.

4-When your langoustines sautéed with tender garlic are ready, serve them immediately as they should be eaten very hot. Enjoy them!